Vendor selection is hard. We make it easy.

No one enjoys the difficulty that’s common in evaluating digital media, marketing and measurement vendors. Certainly not time-poor marketing & measurement professionals.

That’s why we created Pikslme.

Pikslme, through its regular analysis of thousands of websites, unveils the market adoption of all of the technologies that advertisers and publishers turn to for all sorts of business requirements.

Yeah. Not terribly glamorous, but our clients love the data.

Pikslme’s rich data, market research, competitive intelligence and consulting services are helping our clients to redefine their digital marketing technology “stacks”, to standardise data collection and distribution and to compete more effectively.


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Pikslme assists brands to extract greater value from their existing and future vendor partners. We help brands by providing a fresh picture of competitors’ use of digital media, marketing and measurement solutions. It is these very solutions that organisations adopt to optimise their go-to-market and to maintain competitive advantage. Our clients find enormous value in benchmarking their own mix of media, marketing and measurement vendors versus their competitors in an effort to identify new partner opportunities and to compete as effectively as possible.
You have to feel for those companies fighting tooth and nail to take a slice of ad tech market. Start-ups in Berlin to London’s Tech City, from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv and hundreds of other cities, cafés, basements and bedrooms around the world are creating the next billion dollar company. We know. We seem them, and many new ones, regularly in our data. Vendors love Pikslme’s data and services because they can identify prospective clients, in any geography, and in seconds in their quest to grow market share. Pikslme quickly unveils for vendors a target list of prospective customers that are subscribing to competitor’s solutions, but our data also pinpoints who’s not yet subscribing to a category of technology.
Either directly or through our much-valued partnership with ABC, Pikslme provides tremendously useful insights to media suppliers regarding where measurement and other data collection tags reside or are completely missing. Media suppliers also benefit from Pikslme’s competitive intelligence services, which, combined with our tag audit analysis and data services support media suppliers’ data governance practices and business requirements which can result in material lifts in ad revenue when measurement holes are filled and new vendor partners are identified and adopted.
It’s not who you know, but what you know, and how fast you get to know it, that can make the difference between a safe investment and a painful loss. Pikslme’s data and reporting services, which can be automated, help investors to identify disruptive, high-growth investment opportunities in any geography. Whether at the category level or individual companies, Pikslme can help investors to capitalise on changes in digital media, marketing and measurement adoption globally.
We love working with agencies. All shapes and forms of them. Marketing services organisations are always on the hunt for the latest three letter acronym (DSP, SSP, RTB, DMP, TMS) and Pikslme helps them to spot adoption trends fast. Our data also helps agencies to pitch more effectively when they know which vendors are at play – or certainly should be used - across an organisations’ desktop and mobile websites in multiple territories. Agencies also value Pikslme’s data to rationalise technology adoption across clients. For example, agencies can identify solutions and platforms that are outliers and preventing improved economies of scale.

Some of Pikslme's Partners

comScore, ABC, and Visokio

Some of Pikslme's Clients

Dell, Audi, and Xaxis